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Ventus is a windows and doors replacement company. We are located in Brownsville, Texas, and we provide services to all the Rio Grade Valley regions. We have more than 10 years of experience in the area, and we count with totally Certified Professionals who will give a astounding service and installation.

Our windows and doors replacements services can be done on any type of finish. The certified professional installer will make sure nothing gets damage, and everything is done in the expected time. We not only provide services to houses but also on mobile homes, changing the regular windows for new ones that not only will perform better but also will create a beautiful appearance.

What does it means VENTUS? Ventus comes from the latin, meaning “viento” or wind. And it represent us as a window replacement company, because window comes from the word wind.

Our mission is to achieve the highest standards of quality of products and excellent customer service, bringing satisfaction to our customers.

Our vision is to become the best windows and doors replacement company in the Rio Grande Valley area, and be recognized by our excellence in work, quality and service.


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On the right side, we have the before and after pictures of one of our projects on Mission, Texas for a mobile home customer.


“There is always room for improvement.”